Bread and Life Charitable Trust

You can make a change the life of poor from POVERTY today.

About us


Bread and Life charitable trust is offers Daily bread, Education and healthcare for orphans, below poverty line public and disabled people. We are working with orphaned and abandoned children. 


We also supports children and families in need through our Family Strengthening Programs, kindergartens, vocational training centres, schools and hospitals, all of which provide children and families in need with vital access to food, education and health care.


Our Unique "Bread and Life Home" Project

When a child will loses everything, BL Home is there to give them a family and a home. We raise orphaned and abandoned children and provide them with all the things a normal family would: food, clothing, education, medical care. And we will make them as future leaders in the world....


BL Home for Adults. we will take care for Adult who are in need and below poerty line and support them in a safe environment where their needs for food, health and shelter are met. we will train them in such a way to settle in good possition and good environment,


Our Vision

Every child is belong to a family, and grow up with love, respect and security irrespective of caste, creed, language and religion live in peace and communal harmony.


To provide or strengthen families for children in need.

To provide children and families with the tools and resources to live happy, healthy lives.

To work with communities to ensure that they can support the needs of children and families.


Coronavirus 2nd wave Appeal

Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Bread and Life is responding to COVID–19 second wave crisis by reaching out to poor and marginalized communities in India,

In wake of the Lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, lot of daily wage workers, migrant workers, beggars, and poor people who have lost their livelihood are suffering with hunger and are waiting for someone to help them. At this moment, Bread and Life come forward and extended help to those in need. Every day, we are distributing Rice, Vegetables, Groceries and Cooking oils. Also  distributing cooked meals on daily basis.